Top 10 CHIP Scientific Articles

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1. The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP): History, Evaluation, and Outcomes <2014> Am Jrl Lifestyle Med, 10(1), 64-73. (Morton D, Rankin P, Kent L, Dysinger W.)
2. Effectiveness of a Volunteer-delivered Lifestyle Modification Program for Reducing Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors <2002>  Am J Cardiol,  109(1), 82-86. doi:10.1016/j.amjcard.2011.07.069. (Rankin P, Morton DP, Diehl H, Gobble J, Morey P, Chang E.)
3. Long-term effectiveness of the community-based Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) lifestyle intervention: a cohort study <2013> BMJ Open, 3(11). doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-003751. (Kent L, Morton D, Hurlow T, Rankin P, Hanna A, Diehl H.)
4. CHIP Lifestyle Program at Vanderbilt University Demonstrates an Early ROI for Diabetic Cohort in Workplace Setting: A Case Study <2012> Journal of Managed Care Medicine, 15(4), 5-15. (Shurney D, Hyde S, Hulsey K.)
5. The Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) for lowering weight and improving psychosocial health <2011> Psychol Rep, 109(1), 338-352. (Thieszen CL, Merrill RM, Aldana SG, Diehl HA, Mahoney ML, Greenlaw RL., Englert H.)
6. Can newly acquired healthy behaviors persist? An analysis of health behavior decay <2008> Prev Chronic Dis, 5(1): A13-28. (Merrill RM, Aldana SG, Greenlaw RL, Diehl HA, Salberg A, Englert H.)
7. The effect of a community-based coronary risk reduction: the Rockford CHIP <2007> Prev Med, 44(6), 513-519. doi:S0091-7435(07)00035-7 [pii]. (Englert HS, Diehl HA, Greenlaw RL, Willich SN, Aldana S.)
8. Effects of an intensive diet and physical activity modification program on the health risks of adults <2005> J Am Diet Assoc, 105(3), 371-381. doi:S0002822304018498 [pii]. (Aldana SG, Green RL, Diehl HA, Salberg A, Merrill RM, Ohmine S, Thomas C)
9. Rationale and design of the Rockford CHIP, a community-based coronary risk reduction program: results of pilot phase <2004> Prev Med ed, 38, 432-441. (Englert, HS, Diehl HA, Greenlaw RL.)
10. Coronary Risk Reduction Through Intensive Community-based Lifestyle Intervention:  The CHIP Experience <1998> Am J Cardiol, 82, 83-87T. (Diehl HA.)

CHIP Provides…

Vision, Information, Motivation, Action

•  Vision

+  Drives understanding of what could be

•  Information

+  Right information delivered in a strategic way based on science

•  Motivation

+  Journey with others (Group or Self-Guided Experience)

+  Support and resources

•  Action

+  A plan to put everything in the right place for success

“CHIP Provides all the pieces in their proper place to be successful.”

CHIP Provides…

The Why, The How, The Evidence

•  Why CHIP Works

+  Changes Attitude

+  Fosters social support

+  Increases Control

+  Sets goals

+  Promotes self-monitoring

+  Requires no complex formulas

+  Wholistic health perspective

•  How CHIP Works

+  Learn / Experience

+  Thinks / Share

•  Evidence CHIP Works

+  Tens of thousands of Participants

+  41 Scientific Articles

+  Powerful testimonials from Clients, Participants and Facilitators

“CHIP Provides all the pieces in their proper place to be successful.”

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